Bespoke Strategies for Artistic and Cultural Innovators

For more than 20 years, we have provided consulting and legal services related to the arts in private and public realms. For every project we combine a sophisticated business sense, a deep knowledge of the law, and a wide network of art world contacts. Together, these components comprise a holistic approach for success.

Photo Credit: “The Oculus” by Larry Kirkland, installed at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, CA


Integrating art into public spaces, civic conversations, or corporate cultures can be challenging. Using a legal lens, ArtConverge meets these challenges with thoughtful discourse directed at assessing goals and establishing clear courses of action.

We offer Creative Strategy Sessions through our Office Hours program. Creative Strategy Sessions are designed for the creative professional who wants to spend more time exploring strategic and business planning. ArtConverge will help you establish action items and a plan to take your project to the next level.

Soumaya Museum, Mexico City


ArtConverge works with Artists, Developers, and Communities to navigate public art requirements and ensure that extraordinary projects are realized on time and on budget. We also provide the needed guidance to craft strategic plans for development, draft ordinances, implement specific policies, and assist in problem-solving as challenges arise along the way.

The only database of its kind, our Public Art in Private Development (PAPD) database contains Executive Summaries for more than 90 communities and over 3000 pages of PAPD policies, ordinances, and other useful resource materials. The PAPD database is a work in progress and is regularly updated.

“Sky” by Merge Conceptual Design, installed at the San Francisco International Airport in 2014. Photo Credit: San Francisco Art Commission


ArtConverge is a culmination of Sarah Conley Odenkirk’s 20 years of legal practice and art world experience. Founded to bring the diverse facets of her business together under one creative umbrella, ArtConverge combines Sarah’s extensive knowledge, experience, and her global-affiliated network of experts to provide clients with stellar legal and consulting services.


Photo Credit: Nick Koudis, 2018


Art Law Resource is a network of carefully selected, experienced professionals who provide legal services to the creative community.  It was founded in 2015 by art attorney Sarah Conley Odenkirk to help artists, art industry professionals, and lawyers share their knowledge and connections to better serve the creative industries. Its growing number of member lawyers and practice areas are advancing opportunities where law and art intersect.


ArtConverge News

Public Art In Private Development Database

We are pleased to announce the launch of ArtConverge Community & the new and improved Public Art in Private Development Database. New features include:

• Fully customizable search options

• Printable search results

• Downloadable resources for each city

• Program summaries for over 90 communities


Democratizing LA’s Mural Ordinance:  Creating a More Colorful & Inclusive Landscape

OCTOBER 15TH, 2020               4 – 5.30PM PDT

With all that’s going on in the world today, relevant and immediate public art interventions are having a huge impact. How can we make it easier for private businesses and community organizations to put up murals in their neighborhoods? What are the hurdles to changing current policies and rules? Please join us for a conversation with Debra Alleyne, Nick Greif, Evan Meyer, and Sarah Conley Odenkirk as we discuss what needs to happen in order to ease restrictions on murals in Los Angeles and democratize the beautification of our communities.

Online and In the Media

Art Distancing – How the Art Market is Turning Digital

The recent pandemic accelerated a process that was already in motion, and has caused the digital market for art to boom on an unprecedented scale. Please join ArtConverge’s Sarah Conley Odenkirk as she will be a speaker at this international discussion hosted by Massimo Sterpio. This should be a very lively discussion regarding the the future of the art market.


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