ArtConverge Salon

Using Memory & Connection to Occupy Space:  Art in the Virtual and Natural Realms

This conversation will explore the siting and creation of art experiences in the natural world and in virtual reality.  Artists Sherin Guirguis, Nancy Baker Cahill, and Samantha Harris will discuss the motivations and inspirations driving their respective practices.  We will hear about their interactions with and investigations of spaces, memory, interpersonal connection, identity, activism and the future of art and communication.  Does the virtual world provide an opportunity for unique expression and creation not otherwise possible in the physical world? Why is a tangible, tactile experience important? What roles do the physical and virtual play in evoking memories, inspiring activism, and establishing human connections?

Join us for a lively conversation, moderated by Sarah Conley Odenkirk, followed by a Q&A opportunity, on April 24th beginning at 7pm at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.


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